The Pizza Franchise Category is Booming

Third Eye Pies franchisees find themselves perfectly positioned in a market that continues to grow

Americans love their pizza – in fact, 43% of Americans eat pizza at least once a week; that’s 3 billion pizzas a year! It’s easy to see why there has never been a better time to invest in a Third Eye Pies franchise, a brand new concept that brings a foodie sensibility, exciting menu and proven business model for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to splash into the $38 billion QSR pizza category.

“Now is a really fantastic time to be a part of Third Eye Pies,” says Hunter Brown, Board Chair. “In the QSR pizza category, Third Eye Pies really stands out. We offer an incredibly unique, creative experience to our customers. We’re pushing the boundaries of pizza by bringing in a foodie sensibility and a commitment to making everything fresh, in-house. Third Eye Pies is just at the beginning of our journey and there’s an incredible opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a great brand that’s ready to shake up the pizza category for good.”

Indeed, Americans cannot get enough pizza, with one study finding 98% of consumers eat pizza on a regular basis. Another study concluded that 13% of America’s 330 million people eat pizza every single day. That’s a lot of customers! But, with more than 75,000 pizza joints in the U.S., one major problem emerges: all these restaurants start to taste the same.

That’s why Third Eye Pies is perfectly positioned in a market with incredible demand. Our exciting, unique menu takes a foodie approach with a dedication to fresh ingredients and in-house baking. Where else are you going to find unique flavors such as Nashville hot chicken, Philly cheesesteaks, Mac N’ Cheese, as well as Greek salads, pierogies and much more?

“There’s a lot of pizza shops out there – and they’re all versions of the same thing,” says Jerrod Seivers, Founder of Third Eye Pies. “We make everything in-house, from scratch – and we never cut corners on our ingredients, our recipes, or how we prepare our food. While we allow our guests to create their own pizzas, we’re really known for our chef-inspired pies, which deconstruct popular dishes. We have chicken Parmesan pizza, a classic meatloaf pizza, and even a Cuban sandwich pizza – there’s no limit to how creative we can get. We’re here to push the envelope and to deliver an incredible pizza experience every time.”

Between having increasing market growth, corporate support, and a name that people trust, becoming a Third Eye Pies franchise owner just makes sense. Our energetic and seasoned corporate team has built a model that streamlines operations, invests in the latest technology and gives our franchisees the best chance to realize their full potential in small business ownership. As Third Pie Pies starts to make itself known in the booming QSR pizza industry, now is the time to get in on the ground to become part of a restaurant that is sure to become one of America’s favorite go-to pizza shops.

“We’re big believers in helping people take control of their destiny,” says Seivers. “We’re completely committed to helping our franchise owners achieve the level of freedom, flexibility, and purpose that comes with business ownership. Third Eye Pies might be a brand new brand, but our management team has decades of experience in the food industry and helping entrepreneurs thrive. We’re excited to welcome entrepreneurs from all walks of life into our franchise family as we rapidly grow.”

Ready to open a pizza franchise for foodies in your community?

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