Third Eye Pies Franchise Expands into Washington, PA

Fast-growing pizza franchise Third Eye Pies has eyes set on Washington, PA

After successfully expanding to multiple locations outside of Pittsburgh, Third Eye Pies’ wildly innovative pizza concept is on the move with the announcement of plans to expand into Washington, Pennsylvania.

Third Eye Pies splashed into the booming $38 billion QSR pizza industry in 2018, and ever since, has gained traction for its fresh take on one of America’s most favorite go-to meals and is now poised for nationwide expansion.

With eyes set on the nation’s capital, aspiring entrepreneurs have an exciting opportunity to get in on the ground floor and help build a brand that’s ready to take a major slice out of the lucrative QSR pizza category. And that’s the difference maker – whereas other traditional pizza franchises are sold out or cannot keep up, Third Eye Pies offers wide-open territories in prime markets.

“Investing in a Third Eye Pies franchise at this moment is a once in a lifetime opportunity,” says Hunter Brown, Board Chair of Third Eye Pies. “We’re a young brand that’s full of energy and we’re ready to rapidly grow. We’ve proven this business model works, we’ve dialed-in the unit-level economics, and we’ve developed a menu that’s far more exciting than anything else in this category. All we’re missing is a few passionate entrepreneurs, who share our drive to win and vision for the future, to join us.”

Interested in joining in on this exciting opportunity? Well, here’s a few major questions answered, right off the bat.

For one, we place an emphasis on low startup costs to prop franchisees up for the best chance at success, with initial investment ranging from $574,783 to $964,417. And – because we’re a new franchise system – we’re offering an exclusive early adoption royalty rate at 5%, which is locked in for every location you start with us for life!

From there, our trained and expert real estate team helps franchisees find the ideal location for a Third Eye Pies franchise in their market. With a flexible footprint between 1,400-2,400 sq. ft., our locations give franchisees the opportunity to find the most ideal price point. Once locked in, Third Eye Pies offers one of the most extensive training and support networks to help you learn all the ins and outs of running a thriving pizza business.

“This team is entirely committed to the success of our franchise owners,” Brown says. “We’ve invested in best-in-class technology right away – which is rare for emerging brands – and makes our franchise owners hyper-competitive right out of the gate. For example, our POS system is Toast, which is absolutely best-in-class and allows our franchise owners to leverage third-party, omni-channel delivery from day one. In my career in franchising, I’ve never seen a brand that’s as committed to the success of our franchise owners as Third Eye Pies.”

Bring a wildly different pizza franchise to your community

If you’re interested in learning more about the Third Eye Pies franchise opportunity, simply fill out a form on this website to start a conversation. We can’t wait to learn more about you!