What are the Best Pizza Franchises for Foodies?

Third Eye Pies is a franchise opportunity that’s perfect for foodie entrepreneurs

Foodies are passionate about new flavors, travel, culture, and yes, pizza. Which is why Third Eye Pies brings a foodie sensibility to everything we do. For far too long, the traditional pizza franchises have taken for granted the tastes of pizza lovers, rarely updating their menus, serving pre-packaged ingredients, and operating on the belief that customers don’t want to try anything different. Third Eye Pies is here to shake up the pizza franchise business!

That’s why three years ago, the founders of Third Eye Pies decided to change all that, conjuring up a menu that’s different yet still delicious. We stay true to the tradition of what makes pizza great, while at the same time exploring fresh ideas for offerings. In the mood for a pepperoni pizza? We’ve got that classic nailed down to perfection. Feeling a little adventurous? Why not give the Nashville hot chicken pizza a try?

“There’s a lot of pizza shops out there – and they’re all versions of the same thing,” says Jerrod Seivers, Co-Founder of Third Eye Pies. “We make everything in-house, from scratch – and we never cut corners on our ingredients, our recipes, or how we prepare our food. While we allow our guests to create their own pizzas, we’re really known for our chef-inspired pies, which deconstruct popular dishes. We have chicken parmesan pizza, a classic meatloaf pizza, and even a Cuban sandwich pizza – there’s no limits as to how creative we can get. We’re here to push the envelope and to deliver an incredible pizza experience every time.”

That’s also what makes Third Eye Pies a perfect pizza franchise opportunity for the foodie entrepreneur. From the design of our shops to the pizza itself, we don’t want to fall into the stale, same-old ways of doing business as other traditional pizza franchises. Unique, original, and fun is our mantra, which is why we make everything in-house with fresh ingredients.

“We’re breaking the norm as to what a pizza shop is,” says Jerrod Seivers, Co-Founder of Third Eye Pies. “A pizza doesn’t have to be red sauce, dough, and cheese – as great as that is – a pizza can be anything that tastes amazing. We do the traditional as well as everybody else, but we’re offering something new, something fresh – and our customers are rewarding us for it. They want to share in our sense of adventure.”

And at the same time, we have a deep commitment to making sure anyone who comes into our stores will find a meal for them. We have four different types of dough, including a keto-friendly pizza, and offer a wide range of vegetarian and vegan options. We offer traditional favorites, such as a classic cheese pizza, a margarita, a pepperoni pizza, meat lovers, and more. We also offer salads for those who want a healthier option, and dessert pizzas for those who want to indulge.

“The menu is designed to appeal to as many people as possible,” says George Athanasiadis, Co-Founder of the Third Eye Pies franchise. “We’re very different from the rest of the industry – and we’re proud of that. We’re building a cult-like following of people who love what we do, and we’re excited to watch our brand recognition continue to grow as we expand across the country.”

Ready to open one of the best pizza franchises for foodies in your community?

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