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Third Eye Pies franchise offers comprehensive training & support beginning on day one

As a franchise system, Third Eye Pies has one goal: to help our franchise owners thrive in business. Keep reading to find out how the Third Eye Pies franchise strives to support our franchisees.

While other franchise brands treat their franchise owners like numbers and limit access to the CEO, the founders, and the rest of the executive team, Third Eye Pies was founded on the guiding principle that franchisees come first.

By being a new franchise system, Third Eye Pies has a chance to do things the right way – and it’s a chance we’re taking in every single decision we make. This is why our franchise support is all encompassing, it’s why our executive team is always accessible to our franchise owners, and it’s why we will always make the investments in technology, equipment, operational support, and leadership to ensure that our franchise owners have everything they need to realize their goals.

“I’ve been in the franchise industry for a long time, and I’ve never encountered a brand as committed to the success of our franchise owners as Third Eye Pies,” says Hunter Brown, Chairman of the Board. “We’ve spent the last few years proving out the business model, streamlining operations, developing our menu, and investing in the technology, the branding, and support infrastructure that entrepreneurs need to run a successful location and scale up to multi-unit ownership. We’re leaving nothing to chance, and we’ll be with you every step of the way.”


Here’s what our training & support looks like

Franchising with Third Eye Pies means you’re joining a brand that has your back from day one and every day after. Here’s what you can expect from us:

Three weeks in-person training

You will spend three weeks working in one of our corporate-owned restaurants outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where you will learn every aspect of the business model, including:

  • How to prepare every item on our menu
  • How to engage with guests
  • How to lead a team & run your restaurant
  • How to train your team
  • How to manage inventory
  • How to use our POS system
  • How to leverage omni-channel delivery
  • How to implement marketing strategies
  • And much, much more!

Site selection

Location, location, location. This tried and true phrase is still tremendously important to the success of any restaurant – and we take location incredibly seriously. Third Eye Pies partners with one of the most well-known real estate companies in the world to provide best-in-class support for our franchisees. “Commercial real estate is extremely competitive in the QSR segment, and it moves fast,” says Jennifer Nolan, Business Development Strategist for Third Eye Pies. “Having the right partnership and support from a team that knows your business needs, understands your target audience, realizes and understands market trends, and won’t settle for mediocrity is critical to the success of your business.” We’ve specifically allowed our footprint to be flexible to help service your specific market needs and secure prime locations at more affordable rates.  In addition to site selection, we also help with lease negotiations, build-out and construction processes, and are on hand to support you throughout your grand opening. “Visibility, accessibility, traffic patterns, proximity to target consumers, etc, all play huge factors into the success of any business. Third Eye Pies wants our franchisees to know we will help ensure they are set up for success the moment their doors open for business.”

Marketing support

Getting the word out about a new restaurant might seem complicated – but not with Third Eye Pies. We provide you a comprehensive marketing plan, as well as help to develop your social media presence, manage online reviews, and more. We want you to be able to engage effectively with your community over the long-term.

Menu development

Third Eye Pies isn’t a brand that’s going to rest on our laurels. We’re always searching for the next food craze, the latest trend, or a flavor profile that you didn’t know you loved until you tried it. We’re always developing new products to get your customers excited to come back to your location.


Third Eye Pies might be an emerging franchise brand, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have the tools necessary to compete with the big boys. We’ve made significant investments in technology to ensure that our franchise owners can capitalize on omni-channel delivery, have a user-friendly guest experience, grow a loyalty program, manage inventory with ease, and much, much more.

Ongoing support

Our support doesn’t have an end date. Our executive team will always be on hand to personally coach you, to answer your questions, to troubleshoot problems, to celebrate your wins, and help you become the entrepreneur you want to be.

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When you become a franchisee with Third Eye Pies, you’re joining a brand that knows exactly what it takes to run and own a successful pizza franchise.

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