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Amazing food and an exceptional customer experience

When visiting a Third Eye Pies pizza franchise location for the first time, you’ll learn one thing really quickly – there’s every other pizza shop, and then, there’s Third Eye Pies.

Everything about our brand, from our logo to our restaurant design, and most importantly, our menu, is designed to be unique, original, and fun!

Even our name, Third Eye Pies, is intended to get your creative juices flowing. Open your third eye and taste a pizza that you’ve never had before, challenge your preconceptions as to what pizza can be, and allow yourself to be amazed by an experience that you cannot get anywhere else.


“Third Eye Pies is one of the most unique pizza experiences you can get today,” says Jerrod Seivers, Director of Brand Innovation of Third Eye Pies. “We’re committed to delivering an incredible guest experience that’s built around inclusivity, innovation, and creativity. Whether you’re two years old or 80 years old, you can come to Third Eye Pies and have an outstanding experience that’s built around quality food, exceptional service, and a product that no other brand has.”

It all starts with the food

If there’s one thing the Third Eye Pies pizza franchise shares with every other great pizza shop, it’s a commitment to exceptional food. We take pride in everything being made in-house, using only the freshest and finest ingredients we can find, and ensuring our guests taste the authenticity and quality of our creative menu offerings.

But it’s what we do with those ingredients that truly sets Third Eye Pies apart. We’re guided by a foodie sensibility and a sense of adventure. Our chef-inspired pies deconstruct popular dishes, such as mac-n-cheese, Nashville hot chicken, Cuban sandwiches, a classic cheeseburger, and beyond – and put these flavors on a pizza to great effect.

“We’re breaking the norm as to what a pizza shop is,” Jerrod says. “A pizza doesn’t have to be red sauce, dough, and cheese – as great as that is – a pizza can be anything that tastes amazing. We do the traditional as well as everybody else, but we’re offering something new, something fresh – and our customers are rewarding us for it. They want to share in our sense of adventure.”

Options for everyone

While Third Eye Pies offers a wide variety of innovative items, we also have something for everyone. We have four different doughs, including a Keto-friendly offering, and have a wide range of vegetarian and vegan options. Our traditional favorites include classics such as cheese pizza, a margarita, a pepperoni pizza, meat lovers, and more. We also offer salads for those who want a healthier option, and dessert pizzas for those who want to indulge.

“The menu is designed to appeal to as many people as possible,” says George Athanasiadis, CEO of Third Eye Pies. “We’re very different from the rest of the industry – and we’re proud of that. We are building a cult-like following of people who love what we do. We’re excited to watch our brand recognition continue to grow as we expand across the country.”

Originality everywhere you look

Third Eye Pies is often compared to an art gallery – and for good reason. There’s no other pizza shop that looks as cool, fun, and creative as our restaurants.

There’s something bold and eye-catching everywhere you look. You’ll catch customers taking selfies with our wall of sunflowers straight out of a Van Gogh painting, children drawing on our chalkboard walls, or happily eating at our colorful tables and chairs.

“This is a place where the creativity of the food matches the creativity of the restaurant,” says Amber Seivers, Brand Manager of Third Eye Pies. “We’re so proud to be different, to be original, and to create a space that our customers truly love. We’re excited to bring this spirit of creativity into new communities as we grow. Every community needs a pizza shop as dynamic as Third Eye Pies.”

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